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UMI - 102
As per IS: 1237, 1706

Tile Abrasion Testing Machine is used for the determination of tile resistance against wear. Tile is pressed kept face wise under specific load on a grinding path and abrasion powder is evenly spread on the rotating disc and second parallel side of the tile is subjected to wear for similar number of rotations. The wear of the tile is measured on a thickness gauge, specially made for this purpose.
Tile Abrasion Testing Machine consists of a disc rotating a fixed speed of 30 rotation per minute in a circular tray. A bracket is provided to hold the specimen. A counter balance lever loads the tile. Load applied in 30 kg. A funnel is fitted to evenly spread abrasive powder on the grinding path. A preset counter automatically stops the machines after 22 revolutions. This counter is re-adjustable. The machine works on 440V, 3 phase, AC supply, but single phase may be supplied on request.
Thickness Measuring Device
A specially designed unit comprises of a plane plate with "L" shaped border and an adjustable stand with a dial gauge on 25 mm X 0.01 to check the thickness of abrasive tile specimen of standard size.