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Standard Penetration

UMI - 150
Standard Penetration Test Set
IS:2131, IS:9640

Standard Penetration Test is a powerful tool for measuring the penetration resistance of the ground and relating it to the degree of compactness of cohesionless soil and consistency of cohesive soil. The results can be used for design of foundations. SPT is widely used for measuring the undisturbed strength of the soil and for assessing its resistance to liquefaction due to ground vibrations caused by earthquakes or other dynamic forces.
The Standard Penetration Resistance is measured as the number of blows 'N' required to drive a split spoon sampler to a depth of 300 mm using a 65 kg weight falling freely through a height of 750 mm. The equipment consists of the following :
Standard Penetration

  • Body, split lengthwise
  • Shoe, hardened with an inside cutting edge
  • Proving Ring, with integral boss, high sensitivity 2.5 kN (250 kgf) capacity
  • Head, fitted with a ball check valve and adapter to connect 'A' type drill rod
  • Drive Weight, Cast Iron, 65 kg
  • Guide Pipe Assembly
  • Tripod, with Pulley and built-in Ladder
Essential Extras
'A' type Drill Rods Optional Extras
Split Spoon Sampler, with Brass Liner, 50.8 mm OD and 35 mm ID
consists of :
Body, split lengthwise Shoe, hardened with an inside cutting edge Head of split spoon sampler with adapter to connect A-type drill rod
Brass Liner