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Saybolt Viscometer

Saybolt Viscometer
Ref. Standards ASTMD 88, D 244, AASHTO T 72

Saybolt Viscometer, Electrically Heated, ASTM D 88, D244. AASHTO T72
For the empirical measurement of Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures between 70° F and 210° is also used for determining the saybolt Furol viscosity of bituminous materials at temperatures of 250, 275, 300, 350, 400 and 450°F. It comprises one each of Cylindrical Oil Cup, Universal Tip, Furol Tip, Bath fitted with immersion heated mounted on a stand, Dimmerstat for temperature control, Stirrer with shield. Complete with insulated handle and thermometer support, receiving flask, withdrawal tube, filter funnel, thermometer support for cup and circular spirit level.
Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz Single Phase, AC Supply.
Complete with Shri Ram Test House Certificate for flow time.
Optional Extras
Saybolt Viscometer Brass oil tube
Receiving Flask, 60 ml
Universal and flurol tip (set of 2) with Shri Ram Test Test House Certificate
Filter Funnel
Thermometer Support
Heating coil
ASTM Thermometer Type 17F, Range : 66° F to 80° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 18F, Range : 94° F to 108° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 19F, Range : 120° F to 134° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 20F,Range : 134° F to 148° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 21F,Range : 174° F to 188° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 77F,Range : 204° F to 218° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 77F, Range : 245° F to 265° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 78F, Range : 295° F to 315° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 79F, Range : 345° F to 365° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 80F, Range : 395° F to 415° F
ASTM Thermometer Type 81F, Range : 445° to 465° F