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From Metallurgists for Metallographers Quantimet Series
Most Advanced and user-friendly
1:1 magnification and complete field of view on screen Traceable to NPL
Camera options - CCD / C Mos (Sony, JVC, Hitachi, Wattek)
Can be interfaced to any microscope

  • Grain size estimation (ASTM - E 112 / E - 1382)
  • Phase Analysis (Area Fraction)
  • % Nodularity, Nodule count, Distribution (ASTM E-247)
  • Graphite Flake analysis - Size class, % distribution by ABCD (ASTM E-247)
  • Inclusion Analysis (ASTM E 45 and E 1122)
  • Edge rounding correction
  • Particle size distribution and counting
  • Measurements - Decarburisation, Plating, Coating, Degree of Banding, Inter laminar dist., S-Das value
  • Microvickers' Estimation and effective case depth plotting
Optional :
Multilayer coating measurement with ball and creator instrument

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