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Much more than just selling equipment, UMI desires to meet the needs of its customers. With this purpose in mind, UMI does its best to understand their problems and present the maximum number possible of solutions.UMI staff is highly concerned about the equipment application, norms and procedures to be followed, types of tests, operation of machine etc., in order to guarantee its customers' satisfaction with equipment and services.

Digital Triaxial Shear Test

UMI – 135
Digital Triaxial Shear Test Latest yet affordable Machine
Triaxial Shear Test is conducted over variety of soils. Basic system contains a Loading Frame to provide desired strain over sample, Triaxial Cell for keeping the sample and applying vertical load by mean of load frame and lateral pressure from Constant Pressure System. The strain over sample is measured at different loads by mean of a vertically moving arm through triaxial cell. The unit may be provided complete ready to operate with the following equipment and accessories:
1. Load Frame 50 kN, Motorised with 30 rates of strains
2. Triaxial Cell, 38 mm x 76 mm with stationary bushing
3. Dead Weight type Constant Pressure System, capacity 10 kg/cm2
4. De-aired Water Apparatus with Vacuum Pump
5. Sampling Tubes and sample preparation devices
6. Automatic Datalogger 3 channel
7. Pore Pressure Transducer, 10 kg/cm2, sensitivity 0.01
8. Compression Load Cell, 50 kN, sensitivity 0.01 kN
9. Displacement Sensor LVDT, 10 mm, sensitivity 0.01 mm. Necessary fittings and attachment for digital system is also available.
Digital System
We have replaced Proving Ring with Load Cell, Dial Gauge with LVDT and Pressure Gauge with Pressure Transducer. Readings are collected over Automatic Datalogger, unlike older version where one man was stationed with pen and copy to read and record readings. Readings are recorded and further downloaded to computer, where software accept the file and provide results in graphical format. Also, if you wish you may take note of readings as these are continuously displayed over Datalogger LCD. Datalogger has sufficient memory to keep upto 10 tests records for over five years.
We provide equipment and software for all civil engineering laboratory and field tests.