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Drying Shrinkage and Moisture Movement

Ref. Standards IS:4031, IS:9459, ASTM C490 and BS:1881
For determination of the change in size of a concrete or cement sample, brought about by a change in moisture content, following apparatus has been designed. Tests can be performed on freshly made specimens or specimens taken from existing structures.
UMI 129
Length Comparator, with ISI Certification Mark IS:9459

The apparatus can be used for three basic tests :
Initial drying shrinkage : The difference between the length of the cured specimen and the length when it is dried.
Drying shrinkage : The difference between the length of the specimen from existing structure and its length when completely dried.
Moisture movement : The difference between the length of the dried specimen and its length when again saturated with water.
The apparatus consists of a frame with adjustable cross head. The base is provided with a stainless steel circular platen having a recessed seating and a 300 to 301 mm long alloy steel reference bar having coefficient of thermal expansion less than 2 x 10-6 mm/degC with 6 mm dia steel balls mounted at the ends.
Supplied complete, with a dial guage 0.002 mm x 10 mm.

Concrete Testing Equipment: Drying Shrinkage and Moisture Movement