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Large Direct Shear Apparatus

UMI – 115 L
Large Direct Shear Apparatus, Motorised, 50 kN (5,000 kgf)
Ref. Standards IS:2720 (Part 39, Section 1) IS:11593
For testing sand, gravel, gravelly clays and clay gravels for use in rolled fill embankments.
Operation Motorised
Rates of Strain (mm/min) 72 speeds Ranging from 0.0014 to 10.16 mm/min
Specimen Size 30 x 30 x 15 cm
Change gears 12
Shear Load capacity 50 kN
Vertical stress Shear Box Assembly : 1 No. 500 kN/m2
Power 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase, AC supply
The above apparatus consists of
Shear Box Assembly 1 No.
Consists of:
Plane Gripper Plate 2 Nos.
Perforated Gripper Plate 2 Nos.
Perforated Spacer Plate 2 Nos.
Base Plate 1 No.
Top Loading Pad 1 No.
Shear Box Housing, with two Ball Roller Strips 1 no
Weights, 9 Nos. each to give 50 kN/m2 (0.5 kg/cm2) and 2 Nos. each to give 25 kN/m2 (0.25 kg/cm2) 1 Set
Proving Ring, capacity 50 kN 1 No.
Dial Guage, 25 mm travel, 0.01 least count (for Consolidation and Shear Strain) 2 Nos.
Magnetic Stand, for Shear Strain Dial Guage 1 No.