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Rockbolt Pullout Tester

UMI - 156
For Conducting Pullout Test On Anchor Bar and Rockbolts

The Rockbolt Pullout Tester is manufactured for conducting anchor pullout test in rock, for the evaluation of bond strength between reinforcement and grout concrete or grout concrete and rock.In this test it is considered that the diameter of the anchor bar or rockbolt in rock, throughout the length of hole is uniform and grout density and quality is also uniform.

  • Portable, easy to carry
  • Available in various load ranges, as per the site requirement
  • Suitable for upto 2” dia bar/bolt
  • Movement measurement option
  • Remote controlled operation, flexible hose pipe
  • Peach load holding facility
  • Tested Pressure Gauge with calibration certificate
  • Digital version with battery operation also available
  • Center Hole Jack is fitted to the test bar/bolt. Two Dial Gauges are also fitted to record the movement.
  • Uniform load is applied by operating Hydraulic Hand Pump. Centerhole Jack should not provide any jerk.
  • Dial gauge readings are noted at every 1T load, for plotting load v/s movement graph.
  • Initial loads, not greater than 0.5 T is applied to take care slake in the setup.
  • Increasing the load in increments shall test the bar/bolt. Results are noted when total extension greater than 40 mm reached or bolt yields or fractures.
  • Readings after each increment should be noted only after the load and movement needles are stabilised.
  • Spherical washer must be used between the bolt and jack to avoid eccentric load.
  • At least three tests should be conducted in one rock formation.
  • l The bolts that form part of the rock support system should not be tested + 10 percent more of the designed load.

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