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Penetration Ref. Standards IS:1448 (Part 60), IS:1203, ASTM D 5, IP49, ASTM D 1321, ASTM D 2884, ASTM D1403, IP 310, BS:4698, ASTM D 937, ISO 2137, IP50, IP 179, ASTM D 217, AASHTO T49
UMI Penetrometers are used for testing a wide variety of materials such as grease, petroleum, bitumen, tar, asphalt, wax polish, food stuffs rubber, cement, pharmaceutical creams and soils. In this test, a chosen sample is applied over a given area for a known period of time and the depth of penetration or the depression made in the sample is measured in tenths of a millimetre which is expressed as a penetration number.
An accurately machined aluminium base with in-set spirit level has been designed to facilitate penetration tests to be made over a wide surface area of sample. Adjustable feet are provided in the base for levelling. Upright may be rotated to permit the testing of samples immersed in a thermostat bath. Each penetrometer is supplied with a plunger weighing 47.5 g for testing bituminous products, and one each of 50g and 100g weight. Excluding cone and needle.

i. Universal Penetrometer
The unit is compact with in-built timer to control duration of penetration presetted in factory to 0.5 seconds.
The instrument is provided with lead screw gear arrangement, levelling screws, sprit level, in built focus light and a magnifier to accurately place the cone tip on top of the sample surface.

ii. Penetration Cone
Penetration Cone Ref. Standards IS:1448 (Part 60), ASTM D 937, IP 179, BS:4698, ASTM D217, IP 50, ISO 2137
For empirical estimation of the consistency of lubricating grease and petroleum. Made of brass with a hardened steel tip. The stem of the cone is interchangeable with all types of UMI Penetrometers manufactured to close tolerance, Provided a unified cone and ensuring that there is no shoulder between the tip and the body.
Weight : 102.5 ± 0.05 g
Note :Due to the close tolerances specified, it is not practicable to supply spare steel tips that will fit and still, of necessity come within the specification which states that "there shall be no shoulder between tip and cone.">
Bitumen Penetration Kit
Consists one each of :
Penetration Needle
Transfer Dish, made of copper
Aluminium Sample Containers, Set of two