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To determine the fineness of cements, pozzolanas and other powdery materials, various international specifications recommend the use of 'specific area' method. In the instrument described below, air permeability method is used to determine the specific surface as total surface area in cm2/g of material.
Air Permeability Apparatus

Air Permeability Apparatus

Air Permeability Apparatus (Blaine Type) with ISI Certification Mark, IS:5516
ASTM C204, BS:4359 Part 2,
Appx. A
It is a variable flow type air permeability apparatus.The apparatus comprises one each of :
Permeability Cell, 12.5 mm ID
'U' Tube Manometer, mounted on stand
Perforated Metal Disc
Rubber Stopper
Rubber Tube, 20 cm long
Filter Paper Discs (Twelve Nos.)
Dibutylphthalate Liquid, 100 ml bottle
Essential Extra
Non Perforated Disc
Optional Extra
Suction Bulb