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Abel Flash Point Apparatus
Ref. Standards IS:1448 -Part 20,IS : 101, IP 170, IP 33, BS:3900

Abel Flash Point Apparatus with NPL Certificate
Electrical Heating, with gas test jet and electric heater with Energy regulator. Suitable for operation on 220V, Single phase, 50Hz, AC Supply. For determining closed cup flash point of petroleum products, their mixtures, other liquid and paints, having flash points between 19° C and 49° C. Each instrument bears a test certificate of the National Physical Laboratory and is supplied complete with an oil cup, cover fitted with gas test jet assembly, water bath and tripod stand, but without thermometer, in a wooden carrying case.
Abel Flash Point Apparatus without NPL Certificate Replacement Part with NPL Certificate Abel Oil Cup, with lid, shutter and gas test jet brass Optional Extras Heating Element Abel oil cup thermometer, IP 74, Range : -35° C to +70° C Abel water bath thermometer, IP 75, Range : -30° C to +80° C

Abe Flash Point Apparatus