Heavy Duty Closed Chamber Manufacturer
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Heavy Duty Closed Chamber

Heavy Duty Closed Chamber
Model : METACUT - 50 (SACT)

Table top model:

  • Cutting Capacity - 60/80 mm round bar. High power suitable motor backup. Component held in sturdy vice.
  • Specially designed wheel guard ensures effective coolant delivery thus burn-free cut.
  • See through window. Door limit switch, internal illumination.
  • Effortless cutting with lever mechanism.
  • Standard control panel with door open, pump on / power on indications, emergency stop, illumination on / off, safety switches along with other optional electronic circuits available.
Optional :
  • Heavy duty, elegant stand with storing compartments for various toolings, consumables, accessories samples and housing coolant tank.
  • X-Y Sliding Base Plate for precise job positioning and for parallel cut & cutting small components.
  • Special cutting wheels for different material hardness.

Heavy Duty Closed Chamber Manufacturer Exporter

Heavy Duty Closed Chamber Manufacturer Exporter