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Core Cutting and Grinding Machine

UMI - 152
Core Cutting and Grinding Machine

  • Table Mounted
  • Stable Construction
  • Feed arrangement for cutting
  • Cooling water arrangement
  • Heavy Duty, AC, single phase motor
This unit is designed for cutting and grinding cylindrical rock specimens upto NX size. The outfit includes 200 mm dia diamond impregnated cutter, a fine diamond impregnated grinding wheel, a water supply system and sample holder. A V-Vice, to hold the sample upto 55 mm dia x 140 mm long to be cut parallel and square to the longitudinal axis is provided. Cores longer than 140 mm can be prepared by reversing the specimen and holding against the vice. A hand feed arrangement is provided to facilitate the specimen with a uniform and smooth feeding motion.
This unit is provided with a 1HP, single phase, AC motor.

Core Cutting Machine