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Marshall Stability Apparatus

Marshall Stability Apparatus
Ref. Standards ASTMD 1559 BS:598-197

Most frequently used test by highway departments, contractors, engineers, testing laboratories and governmental agencies is the stability test using Marshall Apparatus. The test is intended for the measurement of the resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical specimens of bituminous paving mixture loaded on the lateral surface.
For use with hot mixture containing asphalt or tar and aggregate upto 25.4 mm maximum size.
Marshall Apparatus consists of :
Marshall Load Frame - 1 No
Breaking head stability Mould, with a dial gauge(having 25 mm travel and 0.01 mm least count), for flow measurement - 1 No.
Compaction Mould, Steel, cylindrical -3 Nos
Base Plate - 3 Nos
Extension Collar - 3 Nos.
Compaction Hammer, for use with Compaction Pedestal and Mould, weight 4.5 kg with a free fall of 457 mm - 2 Nos.
Load Transfer Bar - 1 No.
Essential Accessory
Proving Ring, capacity 25 kN (2,500kgf)
Marshall Load Frame

  • Robust construction
  • 50 kN capacity
  • Rate of travel, 50.8 mm/min
  • Safely cut-off switch
It consists of a body housing, a geared screw jack and motor drive mechanism.
Suitable for operation on220 V, 50Hz, Single phase, AC supply.