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Permeability Apparatus

There are two types of Permeameters, namely Constant Head Permeameters and Falling Head Permeameters. Falling Head Permeameters, are used for testing remoulded or undisturbed fine grained soil having less than 10-2 cm/sec coefficient of permeability Constant Head Permeameters are used for coarse grained cohesionless soils. UMI - 126
Permeability Apparatus
Ref. Standards IS:2720 (Part 17), IS:11209

Permeability Laboratory Permeability Apparatus
For testing soil with coefficient of permeability in the range of 10-3 to 10-7 cm/sec and maximum particle size of 10 mm. The apparatus consists of the following parts :
Stand, with three glass tubes of 6 mm, 10 mm and 20 mm dia approx.
Metallic Mould, 100 mm dia x 127.3 mm height, 1,000 ml volume
Extension Collar, 100 mm dia x 60 mm height
Drainage Base Plate, with a recess for Porous Stone and an Outlet Valve
Metallic Clamping Ring
Drainage Cap, with recess for a Porous Stone and fitted with Inlet Valve and Air Release Valve
Dummy Plate, to serve as False Bottom during compaction
Porous Stone, for Drainage Base Plate
Porous Stone, for Drainage Cap
Rubber Connection Tube, 3 mm long, with Pinch Cock
Optional Extras Overhead Tank, made of steel, approx, 37.5 cm dia x 1 m high. It is provided with an inlet port at the top, six outlets at the bottom with cocks, air inlet and water filling tube at the top. An arrangement is provided to indicate the water level.
Rammer, 2.6 kg x 310 mm controlled fall
Rammer, 4.9 kg x 450 mm controlled fall