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Much more than just selling equipment, UMI desires to meet the needs of its customers. With this purpose in mind, UMI does its best to understand their problems and present the maximum number possible of solutions.UMI staff is highly concerned about the equipment application, norms and procedures to be followed, types of tests, operation of machine etc., in order to guarantee its customers' satisfaction with equipment and services.

Civil Engineering Testing Equipment

Civil Engineering equipment are highly demanded in India as construction work & civil works are at peak. Civil engineering is the largest of all other engineering fields. It focuses on the design, development & maintenance of a structure or infrastructure of the world which include Water works, Transmission Towers/Lines, Highways, Rock Testing, Railroads, as well as Bridges, Irrigation Canals, Shipping Canals, Traffic Control, Terminals, Industrial Plant Buildings, etc. In the construction work, there are various types of equipment used such as Soil Testing equipment, Concrete Testing Equipment etc. and many more as it is very vast including transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, hydraulic engineering and ocean engineering.

We as Universal Motion Inc. is a fastest growing civil engineering equipment manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in all over India as well as worldwide. Our wide range of products include soil and concrete test equipment, Compression Testing Machines, Slump Test Apparatus, Flexural Strength Testing Machine, Air Entrainment Meter, Moisture Content, Vane Shear Test Apparatus, Load Frames, Consolidation Apparatus, Direct Shear Apparatus and Swell Test Apparatus, etc. which are best suited in material testing plus construction industries. Our products are manufactured using high grade or superior quality raw materials with the latest innovative technology, as per the different industrial sector’s need & requirements.

Our offered Civil engineering material testing equipment are available with the excellent specification and features as per the international standard. These engineering equipment are checked by our quality controllers on various parameters in order to supply flawless range to customer’s end. We offer the products with exciting and cost effective price.


Civil Engineering Equipment Manufacturers

Compression Testing Machines are used for crushing the test specimen. Design engineers carefully design concrete for a particular compressive strength and applying load in compression Testing Machine tests specimen.

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Civil Engineering Equipment Exporters

Flexural Strength Testing Machine is designed to determine the swelling pressure developed by soil specimens moulded to desired densities at known moisture contents, when soaked in water.

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Civil Engineering Equipment Suppliers

The Direct Shear test is carried out with an apparatus consisting of a square or circular box divided into two halves. The specimen, contained in the box, is subjected to a constant normal load while an increasing horizontal force is applied to one of the sections of the shear box.

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Civil Engineering Equipment

Moisture Content of soil is generally measured as a ratio of the weight of water to the weight of solid, expressed as a percentage. As soil behavior depends on its moisture contents it is one of the basic parameter defining the soil condition.

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Civil Engineering testing Equipments

A specially designed Vibration Machine is used for vibrating the mix in moulds according to strictly controlled programme at a frequency of 12,000 ± 400 cycles per minute. The Vibrator is mounted over coiled springs and the vibrations are developed by means of a revolving eccentric shaft.

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Aggregate Impact Testing Machine/Value

Aggregate impact value or aggregate impact testing equipments are the important part to the research, plan, mortars, railways weight, and material feature, control sectors of the majority structure and general manufacturing project.