Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine Tensile Testing Machine
Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine
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Much more than just selling equipment, Universal Motion Inc. (UMI) desires to meet the needs of its customers. With this purpose in mind, UMI does its best to understand their problems and present the maximum number possible of solutions. Universal Motion Inc. staff is highly concerned about the equipment application, norms and procedures to be followed, types of tests, operation of machine etc., in order to guarantee its customers' satisfaction with equipment and services.

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine

Electomechanical Servo Tensile Testing Machine Electromechanical Tensile Testing Machine

Electro mechanical Universal Testing Machine with digital display of load and displacement and belt pulley system for changing speeds, the machines are designed for testing various materials like Rubber, Plastic, Cables, Leather, Paper, Plywood and Metals. Tension, compression, bend and flexural tests can be performed on these machines with suitable grips and fixtures which are available in wide range. The machines are powder coated for elegant look.
The critical components are plated for rust prevention and durability.

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine| Tensile Testing Machine

  • Specifications for Single Column

    Electromechanical Universal Testing Machinery Tensile Testing Machine

  • Specifications for Twin Column

    Tensile Testing Machine

  • EMT-ACC 5.1 For dumbbell shape specimen of PVC, rubber and polyethylene Inserts knurling.
    Max. Specimen size - 35 mm wide x 4 mm thk.
  • EMT-ACC 5.2 For strips of PVC Rubber and polyester films.
    Inserts with rubber lining. Max. Strips size - 50 mm wide x 4mm thk.
  • EMT-ACC 5.3 For plywood and asbestos. Inserts with fine knurling.
    Max. Specimen size - 100 mm wide x 10 mm thk.
  • EMT-ACC 5.4 For rigid metal wires (1.0 mm dia to 6.0 mm dia )
  • EMT-ACC 5.5 For rigid metal strips inserts with knurling.
    Max. Strips size = 15 mm wide x 6 mm thk.
  • EMT-ACC 5.6 For flexible metal wires 20 SWG and finer.
  • EMT-ACC 5.7 For flexible rubber cords between 10 to 15 mm dia.
  • EMT-ACC 6.0 : High temp. chambers / furnace upto 6000C

Servo Driven

Universal Motion Inc. offers a proven range of Servo Driven (A.C. / D.C.) series Universal Testing Machines designed to suit virtually every force testing application to aid in Production Testing. Quality Assurance Testing, Material & Component Evaluation, Design Verification, Vendor Qualification, Product Performance Validation Universal testing Machines offer a far better accuracy & resolution advantage over mechanical Testers.
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